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How does it work?

Each job is different and your situation will be assessed in the quoting process to establish the best way to proceed. Vegetation is checked to ensure there is nothing toxic to the goats on the property and dangers to the animals are risk assessed. A satellite report is also generated in jobs that are priced on area. . 

How much does it cost?

Cell grazing, free grazing, and backyard blitz jobs are priced by the square metre. The current cost is approximately $1 per square metre depending on vegetation type/density, terrain, access, and risk level. 

Our new weekly rent-a-goat option is $20 per goat per week. Minimum hire is 2 goats as they need each other's company.

How much can they get through a day?

One  adult goat will munch through approximately 10 square metres of light to moderate vegetation per day.

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