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Our work

Every job with the goats is different. Things like weather, vegetation type, density of plants and scrub, terrain, and the goats themselves affect how quickly the job gets done and what the final job looks like. That's why we offer a few different ways for the goats to manage your vegetation issues.


Cell grazing

Our most popularly commissioned type of job. The goats are transported in crews to the site and cell grazed through the property inside portable energised fences. The goats are managed onsite by a trained Goatherd and are transported to and from the site on a daily basis until the work is done. 

Free Grazing

This type of job works well for people with large rural properties that do not present much risk to the goats in terms of predators, roads, cliffs, etc. This type of job is only possible because of how well trained and connected to their Goatherds the animals are. This is a Goatherd's favourite job as it usually involves a pretty relaxing day of strolling and relaxation.


Weekly Rent-a-goat

This is new type of job for our goats and is suitable for customers who have fully goat secure fencing and want a slower, more personal experience with the goats. The goats are welfare checked by a Goatherd regularly and support is given to customers to care for the goats.

Backyard Blitz

This kind of job is a bit of a hybrid between free grazing and the weekly rent a goat option. It is suitable for customers with fully secure goat fencing and involves the transportation of 1 or more crews to the site and they remain there until the work is done. This is a great option for customers who are considering taking on their own goats and who have some goat management experience. These jobs are great for the goats and many of these customers are offered a complimentary 3 month follow up as there is minimal human  work required for this work.

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