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Hunter Valley Goat Hire

Ethically and ecologically sustainable vegetation management 


Why Go with Goats?

The good, the good, and the good!


Ethically recruited herd

The working animals of Hunter Valley Goat Hire are exclusively sourced through relationships with dairy goat businesses as neonatal kids and have been hand raised to enjoy a high level of health and lifestyle standards.


Ethical benefits of this feature include, but are not limited to, providing an opportunity of life to a male dairy buckling who might otherwise be euthanized, providing dairy goat farmers with a fiscal return for previously unprofitable pregnancies that result in male births, and a resulting strong connection between the animals and their handlers who have hand raised them.


Ecologically beneficial and sustainable

  • Negative carbon footprint 

  • Re-seeding of weeds is minimal as the ruminant digestive system impacts the regenerative ability of many plants 

  • Low soil and leaf layer disturbance due to the goat’s relatively small size and their soft cloven hooves. 

  • Vegetation is eliminated both on the ground and up to 1.2 metres as the animals are browsers, not grazers, and are extremely non-selective in their appetite. 


Key applications

  • Areas where terrain prevents clearing by machinery  

  • Desire or requirement to avoid application of chemical treatments 

  • Fire mitigation efforts in high fire danger periods when other methods are not permitted 

  • Suburban blocks when other clearing methods are labor intensive 

  • Invasive weeds that do not respond to other methods (e.g., lantana, fire weed) 

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